Sunday, December 26, 2004

a whole new thing going on.

So - I'm migrating this whole bad boy over to WORDPRESS.
I'm not going to delete this version of the site for a while, since it'll take me a long time to figure out the new system.
but if you want to keep up with the new posts and stuff go to for the new stuff.



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Saturday, December 25, 2004

movies for xmas

Ah, the joys of the Christmas season! I get to see a whole buttload of movies in a row.

Today after a leisurely sleep-in I got up and goofed off. Took careof some randome odds and ends of business (I've got the week off of work next week, but I've actually got a lot to do, writing-wise.)

I ran down to work to pick up some files that I'll need next week and while I was downtown I stopped by the Sunshine Cinema to see what was playing. I saw The Woodsman, with Kevin Bacon. It was really good. Not exactly cheery, but incredibly well-acted and moving. It is based on a play of the same name and some of the writing was a little "theater-y" for me, but that was only a really very few moments. Overall it was very, very good.

After a quick jaunt back uptown I hightailed it over to Chelsea to finally go see te new Almodovar movie Bad Education which was also really, really good. So I've got a good batting average. I'm recovering from seeing a few crummy movies that I reviewed for Hopefully they'll be posted soon.

Okay. Peace Out. And good will. And All that. TV is nothing but christmas now, so I guess I'll just have!!!

Oh and another thing - I'm going to try and convert from blogger to wordpress over the next week. so be prepared for possible disasters. (but also possible success as I'm trying to address some concerns that have been shared with me about the illegibility of the font of this site on PC.)

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Friday, December 24, 2004


In honor of the impending holiday, I'm putting the infamous HEEB "Passion" pix back up.
You may recall that when Mel Gibson's movie came out, HEEB put out an issue with a rather, erm, suggestive photo spread of the major players in the story o' jesus.

I took them down because I got a lot of hate mail, but I got inspired to put them back up at least for a little while:

I know it really is more of an easter thing, but, hey.

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

i don't believe you

Okay. So. God, I loves me them internets.

I was reading Blaise's interview with Jonno and she's talking about meeting him at Dick's Bar, which had me digging around in my archives to find this post (my apologies for the fact that the stylesheets and most image links are totally broken) from the morning after that night (i'm pretty sure it was that night), (or thereabouts) when a) Blaise and I decided that were were going to perform FLASHDANCE together onstage and b) all the bloggers in attendance decided we were going to rent a van or bus and drive down to N.O. to visit Jonno and Richard for Mardi Gras. Needless to say, we never did do the Road Trip. Too much money, not enough time. We shoulda done it. Oh well.

But while I was poking around in there I found another post that was inspired by Mark, who I haven't seen in WAY too long and who is in a rockin' rock band (with a blog!). That post contained a poem which was inspired by a girl who I briefly dated in my turbulent twenties in Seattle. And the weird part is that I saw her today in Astor Place Liquors. Which is funny because the poem is all about us getting loaded on red wine, writing poems, having sloppy sex, smoking cigarettes and passing out. (I was really trying to live a very poetical life back then). But the other irony of it is that this girl refuses to acknowledge my existence. She moved to NYC a few years back, I don't know how many. And I run into her occasionally. We totally have mutual acquaintances. It's like that Dylan song. And the thing is - she really fucked me over back then. I mean, there's the obvious "maybe you shouldn't have been dating a girl thing" - which admittedly was not a great idea, though if I were a different person with different theories on sexuality I would argue that it was her heaping on of emotional abuse and disregard for my feelings that drove the final nail in the coffin of my remaining heterosexuality. But really, that's no excuse. You'd think she'd at least be civil. Its not that I want to actually talk to her, but I hate that feeling, that "I don't even know you" thing. She was a fucking C-word back then and she's a fucking C-word now. I wonder if her NYC friends know how many people she fucked over and mistreated in Seattle? I wonder if they know how shallow, facile, manipulative and phony she is?

But it is just weird that reading Blaise's post would lead me to look in my archives to discover a poem that I wrote years ago about someone I knew even before that and just saw again yesterday on the streets of NYC. Freaky.

PS: here is a low-quality mp3 of "I Don't Believe You" by The Magnetic Fields. It is rare (I think). It is from a 1998 7" single on Merge Records which I bought during a brief infatuation as I moved in near orbit to mr. merritt. to be honest, i like the new version of the song on their new cd (which I don't own, but apparently everyone and every bar in NYC does) much better. But it is an interesting artifact.

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vacation all i ever wanna do

so close. so danged close to vacation. i can taste it. like monkey brains straight from the skull. yummy and delicious.
actually it probably won't be a big vacation because i ain't got no dough. also i have a lot of writing projects to do.

it was a good week so far. last night i went to HEEB Storytelling which was pretty fun. Joe's Pub is less fun when you don't get a seat though. Not crazy about having to stand up, but it's my own danged fault for not reserving a table. It was inspiring too. I need to get out and perform more. I just hate trying to get gigs because I hate the rejection of NOT getting gigs. So I stop trying. But I should just do them because the more I do them and get out there the less rejection I'll get because other people will see me, etc. etc.

So. I'm accepting gig offers for 2005.
Invite me to perform at your readings/weddings/bar mitzvahs/sex parties.
I will not disappoint.
(Well, I probably will, but that'll be in bed afterwards. I'll leave you wondering "how'd he do that?" and not in a good way.)

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

chestnuts? how'd they get there?

When I wrote my post about the O'Reilly and Krauthammer "Save Christmas" columns I didn't realize that anyone else was noticing. then i was checking out Jeff's blog to see that there was a whole discussion of it over at and some screwy organization devoted to saving the phrase "merry xmas"!

Wacky, indeed.
Well, I'm done with it, anyway.
Time to drink me some spiked eggnog and put on my Herb Alpert Xmas Albums to work mad seductive powers on unsuspecting bearers of mistletoe. Word.

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Monday, December 20, 2004

new year's

i'm mentally skipping xmas and jumping ahead to new year's.
any tips on what's fun to do?
I'm thinking of going to Madison Square Garden for this show:

FRI DEC 31, 2004 8:00PM

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Tag Team

"It is Christmastime, and the usual platoon of annoying pettifoggers has risen to strip Christmas of any Christian content."

So begins conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer's most recent column. (They don't have permalinks, so I'm also linking to the printer-friendly version in the hope that it will stay up. If the article is gone by the time you read this, it was originally published December 17, 2004 and was titled "Let's all just relax about Christmas")

Of course, his "platoon" is probably about the same size as the group of people actually complaining about Janet Jackson's nipple. Three. Krauthammer's column is specious from beginning to end, but represents a disturbing trend in the increasingly conservative media: The Revenge of the Christian Right.

He continues, "The attempts to de-Christianize Christmas are as absurd as they are relentless." Once again, trying to stoke the fires of fear: Christians! Your way of life is under relentless attack! Absurd.

But here's where it really turns:

"I am constantly amused - and gratified - by how American culture has gone out of its way to inflate the importance of Chanukah, easily the least important of Judaism's seven holidays, into a giant event replete with cards, presents and public commemorations as a creative way to give Jews their Christmas equivalent."

Yes, Chanukah has been inflated. Most Jews know that it is a relatively unimportant holiday. And most Jews participate in Chanukah mostly because it gives them something to do when all the Christians are having Christmas. But the idea that "American Culture" has gone out of its way to "give Jews their Christmas equivalent" is absurd. "American Culture" is called capitalism, you self-righteous ass-wipe, and any time someone stands to make a buck, they'll do it. The idea that American culture (what does that mean anyway?) gave Jews anything is insulting. It would be more appropriate to characterize the commercialization of Chanukah as an attempt to exploit Jews' sense of isolation and alienation and their urge to assimilate. Or even more crassly, retailers realized that there was money to be made, so they pumped it up in the same way other holidays were invented to spur retail sales: Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Father's Day and the hideously mischaracterized "Patriot's Day". (Self-Righteous Side Bar: Who gave George Bush the right to call 9/11 Patriot's Day? It is absurd and insulting. I was there, motherfucker. I saw it with my own two eyes. I had dust on my clothes. Fuck You. It had nothing to do with Patriotism. It should be some kind of solemn Day of Remembrance and Mourning. It shouldn't be about patriotism. Fuck You, Bush, you exploitive son of a bitch!) Ahem. Sorry. I lost my temper there.

So Krauthammer continues:

"... members of religious minorities, brought up largely ignorant of their own traditions, whose religious identity is so tenuous that they feel the need to be on guard constantly and who think the solution is to prevent the other guy from displaying his religion, rather than learning a bit about their own.

To insist that the overwhelming majority of this country stifle its religious impulses in public so that minorities can feel "comfortable" not only understandably enrages the majority, but commits two sins. The first is profound ungenerosity toward a majority of fellow citizens who have shown such generosity of spirit toward minority religions.

The second is the sin of incomprehension - a failure to appreciate the uniqueness of the communal American religious experience. Unlike, for example, the famously tolerant Ottoman Empire or the generally tolerant Europe of today, America does not merely allow minority religions to exist at its sufferance. It celebrates and welcomes and honors them."

Okay - most Jewish people, really, honestly, don't give a flying fuck about Christmas. They don't care. They don't care if Macy's has Santa or the Baby Jesus. Nobody is complaining. Who are these people that are trying to stifle Christian Expression? Exactly none. It is only when the government endorses a single religion that it becomes problematic. The government can not and should not advocate for one religion, whether it is Christianity or Scientology.

And then when he says, "the first is profound ungenerosity toward a majority of fellow citizens who have shown such generosity of spirit toward minority religions." I want to howl. Generosity of spirit? I don't know what he's talking about. Yes, theoretically America celebrates and welcomes and honors minority religions, but that has not been actual practice. Ask any Muslim living in America now. Ask Jewish people who weren't allowed into universities or restaurants or neighborhoods. My mom remembers a time not so long ago when certain neighborhoods in Baltimore had signs saying, "No Jews, Blacks or Dogs". Krauthammer has some delusion (as do many people) that not being a Nazi means you are somehow benevolent, tolerant or understanding. I learned the hard way.

I remember when I went to a Christian Country Day School for Boys in one of those Baltimore neighborhoods that only allowed Jews in sometime in the 60's. I got into several fights because I was called a kike. The kids didn't even know exactly what one was, but they had heard their parents use the word. I remember one of those kids who would later call me kike once gave me a ride home. Here's what happened.

Because my mother worked, if for some reason I missed the bus or the carpool, I would have to wait for her to pick me up, sometimes as long as three hours. So it was Christmas Holiday and this kid who lived near me, who often would be waiting with me after school, offered me a ride with his mom. I was really grateful because I didn't want to have to wait for a few hours. We left school, we stopped and got ice cream, and his mom dropped me off at the end of my street - about a half-mile from my house. I said thank you and she said, "Well, that's what Christmas is all about." Yeah, exactly. Be nice to everybody one day a year. She and that kid had ignored me every day before and every day after, but that one day they acted nicely and just felt like they were the best people ever in the history of the world.

This attitude is why we are hated in the Middle East. They don't hate democracy. They don't hate freedom, they hate the overweening arrogance of a Fundamentalist Religious President and the culture that supports him. The smug sense of self-satisfaction and the conviction that he is benevolent, even when he is doing irreparable harm and immeasurable damage.

Krauthammer concludes, "it is time that members of religious (and anti-religious) minorities, as full citizens of this miraculous republic, transcend something, too: petty defensiveness."

Hey Krauthammer - why don't you tend your own garden and stop making up imaginary religious/culture wars? Members of religious or "anti-religious" minorities aren't responsible for the de-Christianizing of Christmas any more than gay marriage advocates are responsible for the sky-high divorce rates among heterosexual couples. Look in the mirror. It is You. It is Your Culture that is responsible - the rich, fat-cat, conservative businessmen are responsible. The American Christmas Orgy of Consumption exists because people want it. Because Christians want it - and big business wants to make a buck.

NOW - if Krauthammer's column existed in a vacuum, it wouldn't be such a concern. He would just be a single crank. However, couple that with Bill O'Reilly's recent column (printer friendly version) from 12/13/04 entitled, "Christmas Haters Have An Agenda", and I will argue that we are seeing a trend.

Due to O'Reilly's ongoing and recent tussles with Abe Foxman of the ADL (yeah, I know, the ADL is all-too-often the boy who cried wolf, but they're still important) he has to lay off the "blame the Jews" rhetoric. Still, he is concerned about what he perceives as secularization of Christmas as well. He says:

The anti-Christmas forces say it's all about diversity, protecting the sensitivities of those Americans who get offended by the mere mention of the birth of Jesus. Somehow I haven't been able to locate any of these folks who find a baby in a manger so off-putting it ruins their day.

So the diversity excuse is a bunch of bull. What's really going on is a well-organized movement to wipe out any display of organized religion from the public arena.

The secular-progressive movement knows that it is organized religion, most specifically Christianity and Judaism, that stands in the way of gay marriage, partial birth abortion, legalized narcotics, euthanasia and many other secular causes. If religion can be de-emphasized, a brave new progressive society can be achieved.

Apart from the laundry list of hot-button issues that he uses to paint secularists as drug taking, baby-killing, suicidals faggot sex freaks - he is correct. Some people, even some religious people, are interested in continuing the American Experiment to create a brave new progressive society. That was the whole point of America as conceived by Franklin, Jefferson and co. These were men of the Enlightenment - inventors, philosophers, politicians, activists. They imagined a society based on the very radical ideas of human liberty, rationalism and democracy. They were rational men throwing off not only the political shackles of monarchy but the religious shackles of the old world. Ben Franklin invented the idea of the lending library. He invented the postal service. This was like inventing the internet! It is all about freedom of ideas, freedom of knowledge and radical liberty of the individual. Not obeisance to religious fundamentalism.

Not to mention that America is constantly saying that we're at war against Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists. What makes you think American Christian Fundamentalists will be any less evil?

The fact of the matter is that people like O'Reilly and Krauthammer are testing the waters. They want to know how far they can push this. Neither of them strike me as religious people, so there's something else going on here. It is easier to demonize Jews than Secularists - but either way they are part of an ongoing -and probably well-organized - conservative media campaign to push an imaginary culture war. Whether it will manifest itself in religious discrimination being enshrined in government or whether it is really an attempt to change American Culture back to the 1950's, I don't know. I'm not sophisticated or knowledgeable enough to speak to this authoritatively.

What I do know is that the Religious Right and the Conservatives are on the move. And you know what? It is a problem. If you don't think it's a problem, because you are white, christian and heterosexual, remember this quote:

"When they came for the gypsies, I did not speak, for I am not a gypsy. When they came for the Jews, I did not speak, because I wasn't a Jew. When they came for the Catholics, I did not speak, for I am not a Catholic. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak."

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Friday, December 17, 2004

Two Jews, Three Opinions.

I'm Jewish and I'm pretty happy about it, by and large. I don't really practice any religious stuff these days, but it is important to me culturally. And I tend to get along better with Jewish folks than others. But every once in a while you read something about those kooky ultra-orthodox fringe jewish folks and you think, "What the heck is with these people?!" for instance, in Brooklyn they arrested 9 lubavitcher hasidim (out of some 300) that got into a public tussle over the wording of a plaque outside a synagogue. Apparently the inscription read, "Of blessed memory" which is the standard Jewish phrase when speaking of someone who has passed away. Here's the issue, according to an article in the NY Daily News:

One faction believes Schneerson is dead. The other believes the grand rebbe is alive - and coming back as the Moshiach, or Messiah.

"He's alive - they are writing that the rebbe is dead!" said Gil Schwartz, 42, a Lubavitcher from Montreal.

The controversy dates to 1994, when Schneerson died.

Um. See? He DIED!!! jeezy-peezy. Not to mention that the whole point of being Jewish is the waiting for the messiah part. Not that I buy into that, but you know...if we believed that the messiah was really coming or could actually come, heck, we'd be christians.

Another article I read said that scientists have discovered that married people are healthier.

According to the article:

The study doesn't explain why married people are healthier, but it found they smoke less, are less likely to get drunk, more likely to be physically active and have fewer headaches and backaches.

Which makes a certain amount of sense. Now I gotta get married so that I'll live longer and be happier. but then there's this scary next part of the article:

Previous research has pointed out that married people tend to be healthier because people who are fitter to begin with are more likely than sick people to tie the knot and stay married.

So that's pretty bleak. Basically they're saying if you're unmarried it is because you're unhealthy and sick and nobody wants you anyway. Well it is always nice to have your suspicions confirmed.

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

thursday feels like friday except it isn't

okay. so. i've got a crazy busy weekend ahead. i'm seeing a couple of shows, going to a couple of parties, i have to write several articles, read some other people's writing and, um, write a grad school recommendation for someone. Ugh. Too much stuff. And you know, for those of you who don't know, I didn't take a vacation this year because I'm too broke to afford to go anywhere. So I took a week off work and chilled at my apartment. Which was hardly satisfying. And I really need to relax. So if you live somewhere sunny and warm, preferably near a beach, I will gladly put out if you put me up. If I can't get out of town, I'm willing to take an exotic, hedonistic vacation in the city as well. Maybe at your secret sybaritic love palace. I'm accepting offers from interested parties. Whaddaya got? (See? This is why I shouldn't have the blog back up. Trouble, trouble.)

P.S.: Confidential to you-know-who: I finally met your boyfriend and I wasn't impressed. Meow.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Yeah, so its been running since my birthday (10/26) but I've been busy.
So I'm glad I finally got to see Dave Gorman's GoogleWhack Adventure. It was GREAT! It is running at least until January, maybe longer, so check it out. Word.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Happy Goddamn Holidaze!

I almost forgot to mention - and I know I should have done it LONG AGO...

this week's WYSIWYG Talent Show which should prove to be fantastic! It is a very merry musical WYSIWYG. Don't miss.

Jessica Delfino (
Dan Fishback (
Jonny Goldstein (
The Hazzards (
Phoebe Kreutz (
Jeff S. (, Matt Kingston (, and members of the Gay Gotham Chorus!

Tuesday, December 14, at 7:30 p.m. at P.S. 122
150 1st Ave. at East 9th St.
Tickets: $7


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librarians of the world unite and take over

This is so cool!
Google is collaborating with Oxford University, Harvard, the University of Michigan, Stanford and the New York Public Library to convert their libraries into digital web-based archives - a truly global internet library of all the knowledge everywhere in the universe! (excuse the hyperbole, please). But it is SO COOL. Article in The NY Times.

For everybody who ever dreamed of "jacking in" or, like in the HeeChee Saga where the guy goes virtual post-mortem and exists as non-corporeal intelligence on the Web.

(See? my well-hidden inner sci-fi geek is bubbling to the surface!)

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Monday, December 13, 2004

Dinah, The Xmas Whore

Just got back from a delightful evening out at Studio 54. It was a benefit reading of David Sedaris short stories as read by famous people. Musical accompaniment was provided by the lovely Kenny "Herb" Melman, the evening was hosted by Lisa Kron and featured Alec Baldwin, Rosie Perez, Molly Shannon and Liev Schreiber. All of them did a great job but the unexpected delight of the evening was Rosie Perez reading a story called "Six to Eight Black Men". She brought such life and pizzazz to the story that you almost forgot it was a Sedaris story, it was like she was just saying it herself.

Chris and I saw this lovely lady there. I was surprised we didn't see more familiar faces, what with the whole gayish kiki and herb overlap thingie. Anyway, afterwards we went to this great Thai food place.

And now I'm sleepy.

PS: Oh I just remembered this other thing. The reading was really good because, also, it reminded me of how good Sedaris' writing can be. When he puts in those little golden nuggets of profundity and compassion it really contrasts with the edge of the humor and makes the whole thing that much more touching. Also, in the "Dinah the Xmas Whore" story he talks about how every party has its "moment" and then after that the guests start repeating their stories or get too drunk or the host runs out of drugs or booze, and the dull glow of perfect good-feeling starts to fade. I thought then of Spalding Gray's "perfect moment" idea - it's all one and the same. it's that perfect frozen bit of time where all is right in the world, where every thing is in balance, where you feel good and you like the people you are with and everything affirms the rightness of the world.

It was great to be reminded of that idea. I don't think you can try and make perfect moments happen. But I guess you can try and expose yourself to the possibility with greater frequency. You can be open to them. You can try and put yourself around the things & people that bring you joy on a more regular basis. It is harder than it sounds. But it is worth a try. Fershur.

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artificial beauty

Welcome to the new world.

China will hold the first-ever "Miss Artificial Beauty" Pageant.

"It will be open to any woman who can prove her beauty is man-made."

Also, apparently China no longer needs food aid.

There was an article in last week's New Yorker about some books on the Crusades. I would like to read the books, but odds are I won't have time. Nonetheless, the world they describe is so alien to us. A world where Constantinople was the most glorious city in the world, where the political and social orders we know of today were unimaginable. A world where Europeans were barbarians.

It all goes together somehow, as American influence shrinks and the world shifts around us.

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Friday, December 10, 2004

new nerve

here's my review of Kevin Spacey's new movie Beyond the Sea at

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kewl jew props

So, back in the day, during the alt-zine explosion of the early-to-mid 90's I had a few faves. One was Dishwasher (I still have all his 'zines somewhere, a t-shirt and a 45RPM single of dishwasher tribute music). Another was Barbara Kligman's Plotz. It was a fun, hip, irreverent cool jewish mag. There were other zines and websites (I think there was one called dafka, which turned into kvetch, which turned into tattoo jew, maybe) but Barbara's was the best. Not preachy, not too jew-y, just fun and insightful, occasionally pissed off and righteous (in a good way). Of course, like all pioneers she was followed by imitators. HEEB magazine, the JEWCY people - all of which are corporately funded by the REAL Jewish Conspiracy - the big money organizations dedicated to bringing wayward secular jews back to the fold. (who even go so far as to produce shows like Modern Orthodox). They may have co-opted her aesthetic, but they can't recreate the magic. But she can... one book I'm planning on purchasing this holiday (when I get my next paycheck) is Jewish Holiday Fun...For You, Barbara's new book. I know its going to be good and it's been getting good reviews to.

So Happy Chrismukah, Everybody. Rock on.

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Thursday, December 09, 2004

other writing elsewhere

My interview with the filmmakers of "Born Into Brothels" is up on Check it out. And check out the film. It is amazing.

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some drink to forget

"Here's to alcohol: The source of, and answer to, all of life's problems"
-Homer Simpson from The Simpsons.

So I was reading Nichelle's blog and I remembered our conversation from this party the other night. Damn the drinking, it makes you so forgetful. We were talking to a cute girl Episcopal Priest - which is definitely the first I've ever met that combined all those things. And smart - Yale Divinity School! You know you're at a good party when you're having a conversation with Nichelle in front of you, a girl priest on one side and a modern dancer/acrobat/contortionist on the other!

Actually, the whole "IM Confessional" is part of a much bigger idea I've been playing with which is open access confessionals in Penn Station. The idea is that you go in one side and shut the door, a total stranger goes in the other side and then you confess. Rules are posted on the inside and outside to assure that nobody leaves early or waits around to see who just confessed. Kind of like a spiritual buddy booth...

Since I've been feeling very isolated and alone and because I don't make enough money to pay for therapy (or a vacation, or new clothes, or glasses or a trip to the dentist or really anything other than my rent and bills and some food, goddamnit), I've been writing these really long confessional essays. If this was back in the old days of the blogosphere I'd post them here. But nowadays I can't indulge myself like that. Often I'll write them after a conversation at a party and I've been tempted to send them as emails to the people afterwards. "Hi," I write, "I hardly know you, we're imperfect strangers, but I wanted to tell you more about me, about what I really think, I want to talk to you more so here's an email about my deepest, darkest, innermost thoughts, fears, concerns & passions." I think it would be interesting but also totally creepy. So these confessions stay on my hard drive. But the act of confessing, even to myself, led to the idea of public open access confessional and IM confessionals. Hmmmmm.

So there's that.

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